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 My name is Megan Toner. I am a Reiki Master, Energy Healer,  Spiritual Teacher and mentor. Living an authentically aligned life is my passion and my purpose is teaching others how to do the same. I believe that living in alignment is all about stepping into and living in your truth and authenticity. I guide people who feel stuck in their lives and are desiring more fulfillment! I believe that we all have a purpose and many of us are so unsure of what that is. As I help people to raise their energetic vibration they in turn help to raise the vibration of everyone around them. 

This is my life's mission because I have done so much of my own healing and have grown and expanded as a result and I want to see the same for you! Through daily devotional practices and courses I have taken in healing we will together transform your life.


I am a certified Master Teacher Reiki practitioner as well as certified in level 2 training of Integrated Energy Therapy. 

I am a graduate student of Gabrielle Bernstien's Spirit Junkie Masterclass and I continue to further my education with her yearly. 

I have trained and studied Shamanic healing for several years and incorporate that into my sessions.  

Through all of these teachings I have learned that we hold all of the answers to the questions that we seek. We need only to remember this to realign you with your souls path.

If you're ready to dive deep I can be your guide and help facilitate you on your journey to authentic alignment!